Kathy stumbled upon “alternative” means of medicines in 1994 after years of unresponsive conventional methods to her battle with eczema.

Herself, a 25 year sufferer of eczema, Kathy wanted to create a product that was safe, organic and all natural. She started using red clover oil for her eczema, and it did the trick. The eczema healed, and she now only suffers small bouts with it.

Her life was transformed when she read the book by Heidi Banks titled “It Works For Me”.

She began studying herbal medicine and aromatherapy as a hobby. Kathy began making herbal remedies for family and friends. In late 1997, her passion for herbs went from a hobby to a new career.

After years of study and hard work, in 2001 Kathy became a Certified Medical Herbalist.

Cloverleaf Farm creates organic herbal skin care and medicinal products and provides personalized counseling and medicinal herbal remedies to clients seeking natural and alternative health and nutritional support for themselves or for their family.

Cloverleaf Farm prepares their own plant medicines from ethically wild crafted and certified organically grown plants obtained from her garden or from reputable suppliers when necessary.

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